Új apartman
az Ezüstparton

Az apartman Siófok, Ezüstpart legszebb részén, közel a parthoz található, egy új építésű apartmanház 7. emeletén.

Nappali + 2 hálós, jól felszerelt konyhával, fürdőszobával. A kis teraszról balatoni panorámával, saját parkolóval.

A közelben számos vendéglő, kávézó található. Bevásárlási lehetőség a Lidl, ami 5 perc sétával megközelíthető. Vasútállomás, belváros 1,2 km távolságra van.

Csendes, rendezett környék, gyermekes családoknak is ajánlott. A szálláshely Szép kártya elfogadóhely.

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What are the benefits of in-house dog grooming?

Professional groomers will take care of your dogs

Taking care of our four-legged friends is our mission in life, and we are here to make them prettier, healthier, and happier dogs.

Book an appointment today and you will have a clean and cheerful dog tomorrow.

Happy clients
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“What an amazing service! It was a fabulous experience for my dog and me and all of that from my home. Thank you! it was great!”

Jennifer Williams, Phoenix, AZ

“We are usually finish grooming with stress and tears, but Johnny really loved the grooming process and was calm for the first time. I will definitely book again.”

Jennifer Williams, Phoenix, AZ

“I really needed to look twice at my dog, Max. I didn't recognize him, he was so clean and tidy, and his smell was incredible. What a delight! ”

Amanda Olivo, Minot, ND

“Our in-house dog groomer, John, was gentle and loving. He took such care of our beloved dog, Oscar. We recommend him and the service to everyone.”

Allyson Brooks, Summit Lake, AK

Professional, gentle, loving, and careful grooming

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